Welcome to Indutel

Indutel is dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the hotel industry, having assumed effort and dedication in its purpose since the beginning of the activity. Indutel, represents the effort and dedication of all its employees, who since April 1, 1989, contribute with their experience in the design and manufacture of hotel equipment.

Main Areas of Activity

Hotel and Restaurant

Custom-made Furniture

Line of furniture made of stainless steel, characterized by its robustness, current design and in accordance with the customer’s needs. All furniture is built according to the size of each establishment.


Bakery, Pastry & Ice Cream

For all Environments

Complete line of equipment for pastry and bakery that meet all requirements. This line includes showcases, countertops and refrigerated cabinets and bread and retrobar modules


Butcher, Charcuterie and Cheese Shop

Cooling Systems - Ventilated or Static

Complete line of exhibitors includes refrigerated showcases and cabinets, cutting tables, hand washers.


Fishmonger and Hospital

Solutions for the Hotel and
Laboratory Industry

Complete line of furniture to equip laboratories. and Various complements for the industry.



We are proud of all the projects we carry out. We have grown a lot with our years of work.

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